Project 5


Project 4

My Work is about the ones internal reflection on their past. The focus is on my friend Gordan he has lived a colorful life. He reflects on his past of columbus and the memories it holds for him. My idea of this project was to record his stories then play that simultaneously play that with stills of his day. Due to unforeseen occurrences  the idea morphed to filming a local Columbus neighborhood, however when pairing it with the audio in after effects, the audio disappeared. 

Before I Die project was started by Candy Chang after someone close to her passed.  Grappling with grief, she realized that her confrontation with death led to clarity within her own life.  It began with Chang’s curiosity on how others in her similar situation responded to death.  Like her, did the loss of another’s life give them a renewed spirit regarding their own.  She began the project by coating an abandoned building in New Orleans with chalkboard paint.  On top she stenciled, “Before I die I want to _______.”  The following day, there were several responses and they continued daily.  The project has expanded to over 350 walls and over 50 countries.

Chang was absolutely correct in her comment about death having the ability to provide clarity.  When one faces death, they tend to gain understanding to the truly important matters in life and lose sight of trivial things that engulf us on a daily.  From the ashes of devastation, the Before I Die project was born.  Chang was able to channel her grief and pain into a productive manner that has been inspirational to many people in different lands.  Pain, loss, hope, and desire are feelings that are universal and transcend any cultural barriers.  Let death remind us that life is finite and each day we should strive to accomplish our dreams.

“Interactive and Participatory Art,” written by Meg Floran, is a blog post providing a brief overview of the form to include popular pieces, variances in emotional responses, and social acceptance given today’s desire of interaction. She quotes Allan Kaprow statement from 1961, “Our advanced art approaches a fragile but marvelous life, one that maintains itself be a mere thread, melting into an elusive, changeable configuration, the surroundings, the artist, his work and everyone who comes to it.” Although written for a specific artistic piece entitled Happenings, it applies to newer forms of art such as participatory art. Unlike any other art form, participatory art involves the audience being directly engaged in addition to observing. In fact, the piece would be considered incomplete without the viewer’s interaction for an extended period of time.

Historically, there has been no direct interaction between the viewer and artistic creation. The artist was the one who completed the piece, and was solely responsible for the telling of a story or evoking an emotional response. The viewer only had access once the piece had been completed in its entirety. Within the realm of participatory art, the viewer’s interaction with the piece is necessary in order for the piece to be completed. Although moderately successful in the past, I believe this new medium will be increasingly incorporated in today’s art scene due to societal changes. Today’s generation is no longer content with simply looking onto any form of entertainment. Rather, yearning for an interactive role which is in accord with participatory art.